Attendees received 5 credit hours of FAA WINGS continuing education credits for the following topics:


  • Mountain Flying
  • CFIT, Controlled Flight into Terrain
  • Inadvertent IMC
  • Controlled Off-Airport Landing Considerations
  • Takeoff/Landing

In addition to the training class, Breakout Session highlights for Pilots included:

  • Backcountry Flight Preparation
  • Air Traffic Controllers Panel & Pilot Q&A
  • Garmin Pilot; a powerful tool to Plan, File, Fly and Log
  • NTSB Accident Scenarios
  • Safety Mountain Flying
  • Aviation Weather Hazards and Elevated NationalWeather Service DecisionSupport Services
  • Ask an AME! Questions for your Aviation Medical Examiner
  • Why Upset Recovery Training Is For Everyone
  • Ask a DPE
See the full Breakout Session Agenda here.