The Utah Aeronautics Conference is the premier annual aviation event in Utah that brings together hundreds of pilots, airport managers and engineers, airplane mechanics, aviation leaders, professionals, engineers, planners, students, and advocates in the Rocky Mountain region together to exchange and share their knowledge, expertise, and research on all aviation topics. The conference offers breakout and keynote sessions, mobile tours, interactive activities, training and networking opportunities, and more to elevate the conference experience. 

The Utah Aeronautics Conference is hosted by the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) Aeronautics Division, in close collaboration with industry, academic, and community partners. The State of Utah’s motto isLife Elevated.” The Division of Aeronautics “Elevates Life” for Utah residents by creating an aviation system that connects communities in every corner of the state.

The primary purpose of the Aeronautics Division is to lead and manage a statewide transportation system of airports, aircraft, and air routes. The Division of Aeronautics promotes the quality of life framework established by the UVision for good health, better mobility, a strong economy, and connected communities. We accomplish this through six core functions:

Core Functions

  • Airport System Planning
  • Aviation Rule Making
  • Airport Project Funding
  • Aircraft Registration
  • Aviation Promotion
  • Aviation Safety

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