Stan McGrew | Gail Halvorsen Lifetime Achievement Awardee

Stan is a 90-year-old Retired United States Air Force Lieutenant Colonel with over 70 years of aviation experience. He spent 20 years in the Air Force flying several different airplanes, as well as performing other interesting duties in the Air Traffic Control and Ground Electronics specialties. Post Air Force retirement in 1974, he went back to school to finish up A&P training (named “Student of the Year” for 1975) and was licensed that year. In 1978 he went to Ogden, Utah, to fly for the USDA Forest Service, where he was principally associated with the Smokejumper Program with the principal aircraft flown being the DC-3/C-47. He has maintained a steady and regular presence at the Morgan County Airport since 1980 as an aircraft and hangar owner, flight instructor, mechanic, Airport Advisory Board Chair, Master Plan Development Committee Chair, and many other tasks in the interests of keeping the airport thriving. He has given countless hours of flight instruction and flight reviews, weight and balance checks and documentation, mechanical advice and/or assistance, and anything he could lend a hand in over the years to help keep flying safe. 

Tammy Olsen | Aviation Professional of the Year Awardee

Tammy grew up in Pennsylvania and graduated from Utah State University with a degree in Electrical Engineering. She was commissioned in the US Air Force after graduation and went to Undergraduate Pilot Training at Vance AFB in Enid, OK. She received her aircraft assignment to fly the KC-135R and was stationed at Mountain Home AFB and Kadena AB, Japan, along with her husband, Dee. She completed her Air Force career flying and instructing in the TG-10 glider at the US Air Force Academy. She now teaches high school aviation classes at the Advanced Learning Center in Salem, UT.

Matthew Kalm | Aviation Young Professional of the Year Awardee

Matthew has been instrumental in shaping the next generation of pilots. His dedication to excellence and passion for flying are evident in the exceptional training programs offered by West Desert Flight. Through this venture, Matthew found fulfillment in sharing his expertise in backcountry flying, fostering a new generation of skilled aviators. In addition to his role at West Desert Flight, Matthew serves as the President of the West Desert Aviators, a non-profit flying club dedicated to promoting aviation education and camaraderie within the community. Under his leadership, the club has flourished, providing invaluable opportunities for aviation enthusiasts of all ages.

Civil Air Patrol | Partner of the Year Awardee

The Utah Wing of Civil Air Patrol has a long record of supporting the communities across Utah. CAP has over 750 members in the state in 13 squadrons from St. George to Vernal, and Price to Logan, and along the Wasatch Front. These community members come from all walks of life and volunteer their time to serve the 3 missions of CAP: Aerospace Education, Emergency Services, and the Cadet Program. The value of these volunteer hours in one year alone is $2,381,070.n Utah.

Larry Stanley | Innovator of the Year Awardee

Larry Stanley has demonstrated unparalleled skill and creativity in his work on the development of the B-21 which is the first 6th-generation platform. His innovative approach to problem-solving and his ability to think outside the box have been instrumental in overcoming the challenges associated with this groundbreaking project. Larry’s exceptional technical expertise, coupled with his strong leadership skills, have been essential in coordinating a diverse team of engineers and technicians to effectively collaborate on the project. His ability to communicate complex concepts clearly and concisely has been invaluable in driving progress and achieving success.

The Utah Aeronautics Conference Steering Committee is pleased to announce the prestigious 2024 awardee lineup. They will be recognized during the lunch award ceremony on Wednesday, May 22.

The program recognizes individuals, organizations, and partners who have made contributions to the aviation industry in the State of Utah. Five exceptional aviation partners will have the opportunity to receive awards, highlighting their exemplary work in the industry.

Young Professional of the Year

The Rookie of the Year award is designed to recognize an individual with less than five years of experience who has made a significant contribution to the advancement of the aviation industry. This person may have demonstrated exceptional skills and knowledge, innovative thinking, and a commitment to the industry. They are up-and-coming leaders who have the potential to shape the future of aviation.

Aviation Professional of the Year

The Aviation Professional of the Year award recognizes individuals or organizations with five or more years of high-level experience who have provided exceptional service and excellence. Nominations for this award include but are not limited to certified flight instructors, mechanics, air traffic controllers, airport managers, and others who have a deep understanding of the industry, outstanding technical skills, and a demonstrated commitment to excellence. They are leaders in their field who have significantly impacted the aviation industry.

Innovator of the Year

The Innovator of the Year award recognizes an individual or organization that has founded a new product or idea that has the potential to revolutionize the aviation industry. This person or organization may have demonstrated innovative thinking, creativity, and a demonstrated commitment to advancing the industry. They are seen as pioneers in their field who are paving the way for new and exciting developments in aviation.

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes individuals with 20 or more years of experience who have made an impact in the industry over the last decade. These individuals are seen as leaders in the aviation industry who have made a significant contribution to the industry through their knowledge, experience, and expertise. They are recognized for their lifetime of achievement and their lasting impact on the industry.

Partner of the Year

The Partner of the Year award recognizes individuals, organizations, airports, flight schools, FBOs, suppliers, government departments, or associations that have had a positive impact on general aviation in Utah. These partners may have demonstrated exceptional service, strong relationships, and a commitment to the growth and development of the aviation industry in Utah. They are seen as valued partners who have helped to advance the industry and promote a positive and supportive environment for aviation in Utah.